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How to add avatar to google workspace email

Jorge Ferreiro

Updated: Nov 06, 2023

Are you sending emails from a subdomain using Google Workspace and frustrated because your avatar doesn't show up in email clients like Gmail?

We've got a simple and effective hack for you to boost email engagement and make your emails look fantastic.


1️⃣ Set Up Your Avatar

  1. Log in to your main Google Workspace account (e.g: [email protected])

  2. Click on your profile picture or avatar in the top right corner and select "Google Account."

  3. Choose "Personal info" from the left menu.

  4. Click on the "Change" button next to your current avatar to upload a new image. Ensure this image is the one you want to appear in your emails.

  5. Make sure to "Save your changes". Your avatar is now set for your primary domain.

2️⃣ Verify custom subdomain

Do you also send emails from custom subdomains? For example,, if so, you have to verify the subdomain so Google can pick up the same image that you setup for your account.

  1. Log into your Google Admin console (must be an admin account)

  2. Open "Manage domains" from the dropdown menu

  3. Click "Add a domain", then enter the domain name you want to verify (example:

  4. Choose "secondary domain" as the domain type. Note: If you send emails from a completely different domain, this process will also work by selecting "user alias domain" instead of the "secondary domain" type.

  5. Add and start verification

Once your domain is fully verified, Google will automatically pick the primary domain avatar when you send emails from the subdomain. So for example, [email protected] will have the same avatar when sending from [email protected]

Caveat: This will only work for Gmail (clients who open their emails on the Gmail website or Gmail apps). For the rest of the email providers, you will have to do the same process.

There are a couple of things you can use to show these avatars everywhere: one is using and adding the avatar there, the second is going through every major email provider and setting up your avatar, and lastly (longer but recommended) using BIMI to set up your unique avatar.

3️⃣ Use the Same Alias for Sending Emails

When sending an email campaign on ZooTools using a subdomain (e.g., [email protected]), it's crucial to choose the same alias that you set up in Step 1 on your Google Workspace account.

If you haven't already created the alias on ZooTools, create an email alias in your account settings -> domains. Make sure to choose that alias when sending a new email.

3️⃣ Success!

Gmail will now automatically fetch the image from your main Google Workspace account that you set up in Step 1 or any modifications you made, even when you send emails from your subdomain alias.

4️⃣ Bonus: Want to use team@ or another department alias?

In that case, you can set up a new Google Workspace User and go through the same process as explained in Step One.

Boost your email engagement and make a lasting impression on your recipients. We hope this guide has been helpful. If you have any questions or encounter any issues, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team for further assistance. Happy emailing!

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