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  5. Add ZooTools's Viral Waitlist Form to your Framer website in minutes

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Add ZooTools's Viral Waitlist Form to your Framer website in minutes

Jorge Ferreiro

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

1. Create your Viral Waitlist in ZooTools.

  • Signup for ZooTools.

  • Create a new campaign.

  • On the sidebar click on "Form" to create a new waitlist.

2. Go to Framer website and click "site settings".

Framer integration Step 3

3. Paste the waitlist code in "head tag" input.

  • Copy the following code snippet:

  • Once you are in the settings page on Framer, scroll down until you find the "Custom code" section. (Ensure you have a paid plan on Framer, to unlock "Custom code".)

Framer integration step 3

4. Let's create a new component with the waitlist

  • Exit the "settings page" and return to your website builder.

  • In the switcher, click on the "Assets" tab.

  • Under Code heading, click "+" > then select New component, and give it a name (e.g: "ZooTools waitlist")

create new code component

Now you will see under Components and Code heading you have created a custom code component. Click on the newly created component under Code heading.

5. Paste waitlist code snippet in the component

We're going to add functionality to this new component copy/paste the following code inside the new block so that we can add the new functionality to this component. Then click "save"

export default function Zootools_form_btn(props) {
	//customize your styles to your linking
	const styles = {
		background: "#FFCC66",
		color: "black",
		borderRadius: "8px",
		padding: "10px 16px",
		textDecoration: "none",

	return (
			Receive updates

🔔 IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE to replace "YOUR_FORM_ID" by your ZooTools waitlist form. You can obtain that in the form link.(e.g: -> formId is 3W11xNMh1uTwIsdgo0Be)

paste code example

Now, we've created a new component and it's ready to be used in your website!

6. Lastly, go to home and then drag and drop the component on the canvas!

Just drag and drop.

Framer integration

7. Click on publish and preview your website with the viral waitlist!

Framer integration step 9
Framer integration step 10
Framer integration step 10.1

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