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How to Add Zootools Viral Waitlist Form in React

Jorge Ferreiro

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

1. Create a Viral Waitlist using ZooTools:

  • Signup for ZooTools.

  • Create a new campaign.

  • On the sidebar click on "Form" to create a new waitlist.

2. Install @zootools/waitlist-js

//if you are using npm
npm install @zootools/waitlist-js

//if you are using yarn
yarn add @zootools/waitlist-js

//if you are using pnpm
pnpm add @zootools/waitlist-js

//if you are using bun
bun add @zootools/waitlist-js

3. Add Viral Waitlist to your react app

  • Import @zootools/waitlist-js

import waitlist from "@zootools/waitlist-js";
  • Call waitlist.openPopup function.

  • And bind this function to button's onClick

🔔 IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE to replace "YOUR_FORM_ID" by your ZooTools waitlist form. You can obtain that in the form link.(e.g: -> formId is 3W11xNMh1uTwIsdgo0Be)

const clickPopup = () => {
      // Pass your waitlist ID

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