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Over 15k+ businesses run on ZooTools.

Fueling growth for the world's best teams that are shaping the present and future of the internet.

Design beautiful emails.

Email templates for Apple emails
Email templates for Gmail emails
Email templates for Hotmail emails
Email templates for Superhuman emails

Create outstanding email templates automatically optimized for every email client thanks to the best-in-class template editor.

Avoid spam folders

Email deliverability

Best-in-class deliverability with automatic warmup to increase inbox placement.

Send at the right time

Email deliverability

Three sending modes to maximize delivery using users location, activity, email quality and more.

Make it personal



Bring a personal touch to your emails with template variables, and user data.

Automate marketing flows

Create flows and automations to onboard users, rescue churned customers, boost sales and more.


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Email deliverability

Improve your campaigns in real time with analytics (opens, clicks, delivery, etc)

Write better emails with AI ✨

ZooTools AI will write your campaigns, create assets, analize your marketing performance and more. Available in late 2023

Send emails via API

The easiest and fastest way to send transactional emails. One minute to setup. Marketers can easily modify templates without asking any developer.


❤️ Loved by thousands of developers (and it's marketing team!)

There is even more

  • Buy dedicated IP addresses
  • Remove spam from the list
  • Double opt-in
  • Verify DNS records
  • Automatic unsubscribe bounced emails and low engaged users
  • Emergency exit / panic mode
  • email list cleaning
  • ...and new features and improvements every week.

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